"If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness." 1 John 1:9

Friday, May 27, 2011

Ministry of Motherhood study

I am currently in week 2 of the Ministry of Motherhood online bible study. I, being a person who starts one thing and usually is onto another before I finish, have set a goal to complete this study!
The simplicity of it is this: each week you have what is called S.O.A.P verses, where you study one scripture a day, write down your observations from the passage, apply it to your life, and pray over it. We do one verse a day. Simple. But so effective!
So week one was basically 5 different verses.
Week 2 was 5 more verses plus the introduction of the book (which so far in itself has been so impactful!) Sally Clarkson has a true gift!

This week I wanted to share some questions (and a few of my answers) Sally posed for us readers.
These questions really make you think!
1. What purpose do you think God had in mind when he designed the role of mother? Have you ever specifically considered that, in becoming a mother, you have actually been called to a ministry? In what way does that concept change how you think about that role?
I now know He has a bigger plan for me, but I still struggle with how I, as a sinful, impatient, issue-ridden, emotional, controlling person can raise 4 Godly children and what He sees in me that I am still trying to find in myself.

2. Read Psalm 127:3- if possible, in more than one traslation. What does this verse imply about the ministry of motherhood?
Simply-it is a gift!

3. Provebs 31:10-31 paints a vivid portrait of the life of a Godly woman. Describe what a proverbs 31 life might look like in a modern context. What parts of this description do you find particulary inspiring? Which areas pose a challenge for you? How do you think these reaction relate to your ministry as a mother?
Woman of strength and dignity and when she speaks her words are wise and kind. These both are huge challenges for me. I begin to feel weak when I feel out of control (I have control issues and am learning that I am never really in control anyways!), I am embarrased of what people would think if they really saw me in my low points during the day with the kids, I dont feel like I know the Word enough to feel wise and usually end up angry and foolish in my speaking, kindness to my children does not come easily-I am easily frustrated and angered.

4. Read Proverbs 14:1. In what specific way can a woman in this way and age build her house or tear it down? If possible, give examples from your own observations or experience. Then list four specific ways you want to build your house by ministering to your children and making disciples of them.
Use/reference and be in the Word daily
Pray continually
Put the Lord first and rely on Him
Be an example
Slow to speak, slow to anger-tame the tongue!

5. Write out a plan for ministering to your own children using the acronym GIFTS. List at least one goal for each letter.

G:Grace-give my family grace for physical, emotional and spiritual growth.
I:Instruction-Instruct my children in the ways of the Lord. "Carry out my instruction; dont forget them for they will lead you to real living." Proverbs 4:13
F:Family (still working on this one)
T:Trust- "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding." Proverbs 3:5-6
S:Surrender- "So give yourselves humbly to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you." James 4:7

If you are interested in joining this study (NO ITS NOT TOO LATE!!) visit for more info and the printouts. Buy the book (I kindled it from Amazon here:
And let me know if you do so you can join our little group on our facebook page!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Homeschool planner giveaway!

Go check out Mama Jenn's blog for a chance to win an awesome planner!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 1 of Resurrection Eggs!

Today was Day 1 of our Resurrection eggs activity!

Last week I purchased the Resurrection Eggs from Family Christian Stores for about $13. In the package comes a plastic egg carton with 12 eggs, 1 each representing 12 days before Jesus rose from the dead.

I also planned a lapbook activity to go along with our eggs to reinforce what the girls were going to be learning. If you don't know about lapbooks here is a good place to start:
Here is where I got some of the ideas for our Resurrection Egg Lapbook:
(There are tons of resources out there on lapbooking. I love it because the kids are secretly learning while crafting...key in my house!)

moving on...

We began the lapbook, glued in our 12 paper eggs and dove into day 1 where Jesus rode the donkey into Jerusalem and the people laid Palm Fronds down for his Donkey to walk on because they believed He was there to save them.
I wont tell you what was inside Day 1's eggs in case you like surprises :) But maybe you shouldnt look at this picture:

We are excited to keep up with this and continue it for the next 12 school days (which will take us right up to Easter)

Thanks for looking!

My ABC Bible verses

Today we dove into letter A of MY ABC Bible Verses!
If you havent checked out this book it is great for preschoolers (my Kinder loves it too) when telling stories about being good disciples of the Lord in their own terms. The stories are short, easy to remember and ask simple questions that the kids can memorize.
Today was Proverbs 15:1, "A soft answer turns away wrath.."
The story was about two little girls who, with the help of the Holy Spirit, were able to avoid an arguement over their dolls by soft and gentle answers.

So, we made dolls!
I have to admit I planned this this morning and happened to go by Joanns for inspiration where I found clay doll forms on clearance for $2.97! The girls, with a lot of my help, were able to create clay clothing for their dolls and decorate them. When they were done we baked the dolls to "set" the clay.
Through it all, I wanted to remind the girls that their new dolls were fragile, and were reminders that we are all fragile and can be broken by harsh words.
So good!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

we made it!

Through day 2! Haha! May not seem like a big deal to some, but we have a REALLY bad habit of leaving the TV on just for background noise and wow what a peaceful change!

I know its only been about 3 days, but I have seen the biggest difference with my kids! They actually seem to be getting along better, finding things to do without whining, and enjoying the no TV time!

Last night we did decide to have a family movie night. The girls traded their hard earned chore reward stickers for a family movie in the living room complete with meatball subs and ice cream sundae's!

I feel blessed that so far this transition is going well. My prayer is that it will make an everlasting affect on our household...and in the meantime help with some better focus during school hours!

Friday, March 11, 2011

1 day down, 39 to go...

we did it, for one whole day we did not watch tv. No Dora, no Wonder Pets, no Max and Ruby...nothing! And surprisingly, once we got through the morning hump of breakfast cartoons, it was all good!
The kids actually READ during resting time and one fell asleep!
It was the most peaceful day we have had in a long time just not having the TV available! It was actually more peaceful for me as well. I thought I would have a hard time finding something for the kids to do, but low and behold, they actually kept themselves entertained for most of the day.
We played outside, took a walk, played playdough, blocks, pulled out some hidden toys we hadnt seen in a while, danced to music, read books, played Barbies...the point was refreshing to see my kids imaginations take over the TV's version of imagination.
So, here we are at day 2. I see the park in our future today. And hopefully more of the peace we found yesterday (despite the fact that my 4 year old woke up in a tantrum), I have faith!
Hope all you lenters out there are staying strong as well!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Ok, so I knew it was time for lent. Why? Well because my facebook friends told me so. I know, I know, not the best way to be reminded of this important time for me and my families faith, but least I know now!
Anyways, I was being called out by the holy spirit to choose SOMETHING to fast from....
starbucks-done that,
ice cream-been there (and it's not going to happen while I'm pregnant!).
I've fasted before, and boy does it work, it changes your entire perspective on life, God and where your faith stands!
So, what do I need to work on the most? Where is my biggest area of weakness?
Finally it came to kids!
As we sat at our amazing life group last night, the Holy Spirit yelled in my from tv! What?
Ok, really? Tv? Of all the things I could work on it's that? Ok God...let's go!
Why tv you ask? No, I am not a tv junky. No, I do not watch The Real Housewives of Everywhere. I only watch tv at night for some downtime, and really, it's for an hour or so. So...why tv? Well, because I use it to suffice my kids.
Good morning!
Would you like a bowl of Special Agent Oso or a bet of Olivia for breakfast?
I'm tired...nap time!
What movie do you girls want to watch?
3:00 last push through the day...DORA!
Got it? It's become to easy to put them in front of the tv, I'm done.
Partially because when we got up this morning our usual routine was disrupted by a busted cable box. Yup! If that wasn't God speaking to my family I don't know what it was! (maybe an old cable box....but I'm gonna stick with a power higher than Cox Communications).
So, here we go, a day late, but not one bit of faith short. Can we do this? I hope so! Will we do this? Only by the Grace of God! How will we do this? Faith, Prayer and Trust in the Lord.
Amen. And good luck!